A rainy day in the Public Garden

November 25th, 2012 | jjdaley

A Boston photowalk had been organized by Dave Powell of ShootTokyo and I planned to join the group halfway through as they moved down Newbury Street in to the Public Garden. But the weather was uncooperative. As the skies opened up the group took shelter in a Back Bay bar and ended up spending most of the afternoon there. I chose to stay out in the rain and shoot.

The above shot came about when while walking around the frog pond as the rain came down. Admittedly, I was looking for romantic umbrella scenes. I spotted this couple and moved in for a shot before they noticed me. I used the Zeiss 50mm wide open at F1.5.

When the rain let up for a minute I positioned myself at the spot above to shoot this classic Back Bay view. Also with the Zeiss, but stopped down to 5.6.

Leica M9, Zeiss Sonnar 50mm.

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