A warm afternoon in Istanbul. The sidewalks were crowded with people leaving work. The call to prayer was sounding through the narrow streets as a light breeze ruffled the colorful silk scarves hanging on displays outside many of the shops in the area. There was a surreal, slightly claustrophobic feel.

I had a borrowed 85mm manual focus lens and I focused on the man with the child hoping I’d catch the focus in time. Click image for a BIG version.

Nikon D300s, 85mm NIKKOR AI-s f1/4

On the outskirts of Agra, a late morning lunch was being served from a popular cart. The colors in the frame were vibrant — the server’s beard was streaked with henna — but I chose to process to black and white. I think it places more emphasis on the server.

I shot from the street at 70mm. Click the image for a BIG version.

Nikon D300s, 18-200 VR.

Galway, on William Street in the late afternoon. This man, walking in the shadows, has a down and out look about him.

Pre-focused on the street bricks. Click on the image for a BIG version

Leica M9, Summilux 50mm @F1.4

Near the Summer Palace in Beijing in 2005. I saw an old man sitting on a fence along a walkway staring into space. He had two metal balls in his hand to exercise his grip. Well dressed with a wispy beard, he looked like he had come from central casting.

My D100 battery was dead but I had my backup camera, a Panasonic FZ3, primitive by today’s standards at 3mp but with a quality Leica 35-420 zoom lens. I quickly zoomed out and caught this shot. Click the image for a BIG(ger) version.

Panasonic Lumix FZ3, Leica Vario Elmarit.

I love the bike culture in Amsterdam. Sometimes you see whole families cycling, kids in side-cars and dogs in the basket.

This was a tough shot. The late-afternoon sun was harsh. I was using a 35mm Summicron and I wanted to get a narrow zone of focus, so I had to be fairly close. I focused on a spot on the ground and waited for an interesting bicyclist to come along. This woman fit the bill. To my eye she had a mid-twentieth century European look to her.

The shadows are a bit distracting but this is a favorite nevertheless.


One of many.

Click the images for BIG versions.

Leica M9, 35mm Summicron @f2

This is Koliwada, a fishing village in Mumbai.

I took this photo from the bridge heading south. Even with the late-day haze the light was OK. The lens was zoomed to about 100mm, compressing the distance between the slums and the residential high-rises.

Click the image for a BIG version.

Nikon D300s with 18-200 lens.

I always try to keep the camera at the ready on New York sidewalks.

I didn’t see this woman in a downtown crosswalk until it was almost too late. Apparently she didn’t make the light and was cut off by an oncoming car.

I managed to shoot from the chin, without composing, hoping that she made it into the frame. It was zone focused and it’s not as sharp as I would have liked, but I do love the message: ‘I’m walking here’.

Click the image for a BIG version.

Leica M9, 50mm Zeiss Sonnar, @ f1.5.

Walking through Seville as we looked for someplace to eat, I noticed this kid up an alley kicking a ball under a streetlight.

A challenging shot. I pumped the ISO to 1600, composed and shot a dozen or so exposures in a sequence, hoping to get something just like this. Sometimes I get lucky.

Click the image for a BIG version.

Nikon D200. I forget the lens but the data says 55mm @ f4.5.

The Marshfield Fair attracts a certain demographic. I suppose I’m part of it since I end up there every year. One of the things people do at the fair is eat incredibly unhealthy food. Fried dough. Sausage that sits on the grill all week. Corn dogs. That sort of thing.

On the fairway I saw a couple enjoying the culinary offerings and since they were in my zone of focus I snapped away.

I think it’s an interesting freeze frame of a moment at the fair. Click the image for a BIG version.

Leica M9 w/Zeiss 50 mm Sonnar 2 F1.5.

Mumbai. Walking through the grounds of the Prince of Wales Museum I noticed a woman working in the garden, clearing leaves. She saw me raising the camera and a scowl began to form as I hit the shutter. Still, I couldn’t resist the composition, the elegance of her stance, the leaves in her hand and the way she was dressed. A reluctant but dignified pose.

Click the image for a BIG version.

Leica M9, with the Zeiss 50mm Sonnar @ F1.5